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Helping people find great jobs in China is our mission.

China is the answer

Your Guide to Finding Job Opportunities in China

Your new job starts here.

Helping people find much more than just a job. Let us know the type of job you are looking for. Lizzy in China is here to help you find the job that is right for you.

  1. Are you tired of waiting for job approvals on these online apps?

  2. Are you tired of worrying if this company even exists in China and that you aren’t being scammed? 

  3. Wondering if you get paid enough in that city in China?

Do you want to become financially free
and live your best life?

  • Make sure you get a salary that beats your expectations.

  •  Find the perfect job.

  • Pass the interview.

  • Get your papers authenticated quick.

  • Get on that plane.

  • Lets START MAKING MONEY and living your best life! 



What We Do

1. Interview preparation.

2. Help you get your papers authenticated quicker.

3. Cities in China, with the average salary in each city and cost of living in each.

4. Help you to set up Wechat.

5. Help you get into job groups on wechat to get first look at new jobs opportunities available.

6. Help you choose the best, cheapest vpn.

7. The apps you need to download before coming to china.

8. Make this journeystress free!

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